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5 Best Lemon Weed Strains in Washington DC

When I want high quality strains in DC, I do not go to smoke shops.  I hit up an Initiative 71 compliant Select Co-Op delivery dispensary partner. Lemon strains are pungent, fruity, and have citrus aroma in the taste as well as aftertaste. This is due to Lemon strain’s unique terpene profile.   The terpenes of a cannabis plant are what give the marijuana plant its hue, aroma, and flavors. The five best lemon strains in the DC area; Lemon Pie, Lemon Diesel, Lemon Tree, Amnesia Lemon, and Lemon Gorilla Princess.

Lemon Pie


Lemon Pie is said to be a 70% sativa leaning hybrid.  The buds of this marijuana plant have dense forest green nuggets with fiery orange hairs and a coat of glimmering amber trichomes. Lemon Pie is the product of crossing Amnesia Haze and Skunk. The product is a body motivating yet mind hazing hybrid strain that may top out at 22% THC levels and tastes of sharp diesel and dank skunk.

Lemon Diesel


Lemon Diesel, aka Lemon Sour Diesel, is a rare diesel in that it is indica leaning. This strain is said to be 70% indica leaning and is the product of crossing California Sour and Lost Coast OG.  This strain may top out at 20% THC levels.  It is no surprise that this strain tastes of sour lemons and crisp dank diesel elements.  It focuses the mind and calms the body with a functional body buzz that is long-lasting indeed. 

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Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree | HDIGW

Lemon Tree is a popular high-quality strain amongst recreational and medical dispensaries alike. It is the product of crossing Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel.  The result is a balanced hybrid that may top out at 25% THC levels.  It tastes of super sweet lemons, skunk, and diesel of course. It provides a euphoric almost psychedelic mental effect that infuses the body with a strong buzz that melts away aches and pains. 

Amnesia Lemon


Amnesia Lemon has a citrus and earthy aroma to it.  There is also a hint of a tropical fruity element as well. It has a calming, and some say sensually erotic affect and has won awards for best sativa.  This strain will focus the mind while simultaneously offering its unique physical effects. This strain tastes of a tropical fruit salad topped with lemon juice and peppery spices. 

Lemon Gorilla Princess

lemon gorilla princess

Lemon Gorilla Princess is an indica hybrid that is the result of crossing Cinderella 99, Tahoe OG, Gorilla Glue, and Lemon OG.  The result is a strain that may top out at 30% THC levels and tastes of sweet and sour citrus fruits balanced by a piney diesel aftertaste.