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Psychedelic Bulletin #125: New Data Boosts Spravato’s Case; Bipartisan Breakthrough Therapies Act; Berkeley Could Decrim. Psychedelics; DEA Increases Production Quotas

Earlier this year, we provided a micro-scholarship for Laurel Kilgour’s 5-week Stanford summer course, Far from Far Out: Policy Perspectives on the Psychedelic Renaissance. Erin Eberle received the scholarship and completed the course. Here, Erin shares some key takeaways…This summer attorney Laurel Kilgour offered a five week survey course on the state of psychedelic policy for Stanford Continuing Studies. This

Psychedelics Weekly – Cannabis as an Adjunct Cancer Treatment & 5-MeO-DMT Reactivations

In this week’s episode, Joe and Alexa talk about the excitement brewing around our first conference-meets-festival, Convergence (March 30 – April 2 at the Wisdome in LA), and some of the sponsorships starting to come in (interested? email Then, they dive into what intrigued them the most this week: a study looking into potentiality and possible causes of 5-MeO-DMT reactivation

A Deeper Look at Psychedelics Anonymous

Building a psychedelic community isn’t easy. Psychedelics are emerging into a landscape dotted with brands that understand the power of community and are trying to weave it into a business model. Yet, creating a community around a brand or product doesn’t happen overnight and needs special conditions to grow. Communities are emergent and don’t always pop up where we expect.

“How to Change Your Mind” Netflix Docuseries: Does it Change Yours?

Episode 3: MDMA Short take: an episode for the evidence-based mind Long take: I believe this episode won the day for people who wanted less history and mystery and more data-driven narratives. The tone shift is a byproduct of the fact that MDMA doesn’t date back to indigenous Amazon tribes, Native Americans, or even Timothy Leary. In 1912, pharmaceutical company

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