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Magic Mushrooms and Psilocybin in Washington DC

Everybody at this point I think knows that marijuana is legal in Washington DC. You can get weed in DC from medical dispensaries via self-prescribing for a medical card as a Washington DC resident and recreational delivery dispensaries will bring you cannabis “gifts” directly to your door. I have been using Select Co-Op for years. However, Initiative 81 allows for

Are Medical Marijuana Cards Needed to Buy Weed in Washington DC?

UPDATED: 9/6/22 Marijuana usage has become so mainstream over the past few years it’s hard to remember that it was once considered underground. Seriously, if Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are getting high together on national television, how bad can it really be? Unfortunately, whatever Hollywood types are doing on your screen is largely irrelevant to congressional types, and they’re

New ways to find weed in DC – September 2022 Edition

This is a grey line/murky line of the law that is kind of “allowed” in the district. Transporting cannabis is legal and Gifting it is legal.

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