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Tripping Without The Trip: Non-Hallucinogenic Psychedelics

Do non-hallucinogenic psychedelic experiences give the same therapeutic advantages as mind-blowing psychedelic trips? For many who have journeyed with psychedelics, the essence of the journey is the mind-altering hallucinogenic experience – the trip, so to speak. An altered state of consciousness is common among classic psychedelic substances, with those who experience it reporting effects such as mood shifts, heightened sensory

Optimize Your Microdosing Journey With Three Key Practices

Meditation Why meditation? Psychopharmacology research demonstrates how the 5-HT2A receptor–a protein that responds to the neurotransmitter serotonin–is responsible for many psychedelic effects, including the visual distortions associated with hallucinogens. By stimulating 5-HT2A receptors, serotonin-boosting psychedelics like LSD also activate brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) molecules. BDNF molecules rebuild and form new nerve cells in a process called “neuroplasticity.” In a 2020

Psychedelic Bulletin #125: New Data Boosts Spravato’s Case; Bipartisan Breakthrough Therapies Act; Berkeley Could Decrim. Psychedelics; DEA Increases Production Quotas

Earlier this year, we provided a micro-scholarship for Laurel Kilgour’s 5-week Stanford summer course, Far from Far Out: Policy Perspectives on the Psychedelic Renaissance. Erin Eberle received the scholarship and completed the course. Here, Erin shares some key takeaways…This summer attorney Laurel Kilgour offered a five week survey course on the state of psychedelic policy for Stanford Continuing Studies. This

Psychedelics Weekly – Cannabis as an Adjunct Cancer Treatment & 5-MeO-DMT Reactivations

In this week’s episode, Joe and Alexa talk about the excitement brewing around our first conference-meets-festival, Convergence (March 30 – April 2 at the Wisdome in LA), and some of the sponsorships starting to come in (interested? email Then, they dive into what intrigued them the most this week: a study looking into potentiality and possible causes of 5-MeO-DMT reactivation

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