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Purple Skunk Strain Review

The strain is exactly like who we thought it were. You wanna crown it, then crown it dammit as I scream like Dennis Green. It is what it says. It’s Purple Skunk. The name is straight to the point and we are clear on what we have.

Purple Skunk Art

We got the lip-licking goodness of purp and the fire dankness of Skunk. Yes, lick-licking! On the first toke, just like some good purp or Purple Punch it’s like I gotta lick my lips to get the full flavor of the smoke that has a subtle sweet berry lavender taste. The Skunk adds some nice balance of musk and funky earth taste and smell to the mix. Great recommendation from my folks at Select!

This hits with more cerebral and euphoric energy than body effects. Makes sense as its 85% sativa and 15% indica. Body relaxation comes on and balances the nice sativa focus. However, this strain tops out at about 18% THC so it is not the most potent strain for me; however some say it hits lightweights kinda hard. I wouldn’t know, gotta ask one of them. 4:30 out.

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