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Gorilla Glue #1 Strain Review

A familiar friend is back so I had to check him out and see how he is doing. It has been awhile, but we usually just connect like time never passed. It is like that with close buddies. I miss Gorilla Glue #1 strain.

Sour Diesel

Gorilla Glue #1 is the classic combination of crossing Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel. As a long-time diesel lover I simply love and damn near worship the taste of Gorilla Glue. The chocolaty piney element added to the diesel sourness is wonderful. 

It is said Gorilla Glue is slightly indica leaning. I do not know how it is with two diesels as parents. Maybe I refuse to let the Indicia elements hit me. Gorilla Glue offers more relaxing elements than Sour diesel, but does not slow me down or have me dragging. To me Gorilla Glue is a chocolatey diesel that is slightly less indica. Gorilla Glue can get up to 28% THC levels while also offering 1% CBD effects. 

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