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Cinderella 91 Strain Review

“Something…something new, from the Grand Daddy IU”. Either you know or don’t from obscure 1990’s rap videos. I tend to look up the characteristics of strains I never had before. I also like to know the genetics to understand the synthesis. This is a new guest at the ball!

I don’t have any specific info on genetics or THC levels. So let’s see what it do! Cinderella 91 hits with a clean and slightly smooth flavorful sensation. The smoke tastes like a subtle cookies and cream flavor with a sweet piney after taste. The whole taste experience is subtle. I enjoyed the first few hits to decipher what is present. I call it a sweet and slightly peppery berry blend.

I have an hypothesis this strain has a mid teens to low twenty percent 17 to 22% (plus or minus 4% range of error). The Cinderella 91 gives calm jubilant and euphoric effects. The body effect is what I would expect from a hybrid like Blue Dream or Gelato. It’s a cool anytime strain offering strong sativa elements with a little indica on the backside.