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Lemon Tree Strain Review

I like the name of this strain. It truly is as if you are standing in a lemon grove with the scent of lemons surrounding you. Alright maybe the lemon smell is not that overpowering, but its effects are. Lemon Tree is a cross between Sour Diesel and Lemon Skunk. I like Skunks for their fire taste and smell as well as the fun and euphoria of the effects. Sour Diesel is a one of my all time favorites for the sour stank awesome taste and focusing high energy providing effects. Let’s see how this combines.

Lemon Tree is appealing to the eye off first glance. The light green leaves sparkle beneath a sheet of white trichomes. Stringy leaves reminiscent of sour diesel circle nuggets of orange and lime grain hues. The taste of lemons and pine is immediate and profound on the first pull. On the exhale the aftertaste of diesel isn’t subtle, but not as profound as the initial blast of lemon.

This was a good recommendation by my guy at Select Co-op! I appreciate any-time strains that energize and focus the mind. Lemon Tree provides a blast of elation, energy, and a focus that helps glide along tasks and activities. As time wears on a nice body relaxation will accompany the cerebral effects. The THC levels range from low to mid 20% giving this a powerful punch for those seeking relief from pain or inflammation.