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New Sour Willie Review

I am thankful for Initiative 71.  It makes it so easy to buy weed in Washington DC.  I have been using Select Co-Op for years and they are my favorite recreational dispensary.  The main reason is that they keep fire strains on their menu. 

sour willie


Sour Willie strain makes me think of the disgusting “wet willies” I saw kids give each other in elementary school.  Even as a kid I thought that was absolutely disgusting.  This strain will have you introspective as well as social.  The body will be buzzed without heavy sedation.

THC Levels & Flavors

Sour Willie is the product of crossing Sour Diesel and Willie Nelson strains.  It may top out at 17% THC levels while also providing 1%CBD.  Sour Willie tastes of fresh citrus fruits and piney dank diesel elements. 

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