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New Mr. Frosty Review

I appreciate the best Initiative 71 recreational marijuana dispensary in Washington DC.  I know when I need to get weed in Washington DC, they will have the newest strains.  Please allow me to break out my DJ Clue metal echo voice alert…” new strains, new strains”!

mr. frosty

THC Levels & Flavors

Mr. Frosty is an indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain.  This strain may top out near 16% THC levels and offers a deceptive experience.  This strain has a subtle and slight piney taste that is barely noticeable.  Therefore, you may smoke more than you need as the flavor is not very unremarkable. You may notice smoking it.


However, Mr. Frosty provides a body-relaxing effect that is profound without being couch-locking.  I would not smoke too much or you may be locked on the couch.  Mr. Frosty has a beautiful layer of sparkling crystal trichomes covering the buds. 

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