Are Medical Cards Critical to Buy Weed in Washington DC?

No Longer Need a Medical Card

In 2010 Washington DC legalized medical marijuana.  However, patients have needed a government-issued medical card in order to buy weed from a medical dispensary.  As of July 1st, the DC Council approved a measure for DC residents to “self-certify” themselves for medical cannabis, NBC News 4 reports.  Thus, the answer is no, DC residents now can buy weed from medical dispensaries without a medical card. 

This law applies to DC residents only as reported by NBC News 4. “While D.C. does accept medical cards from other states, only the city’s residents can self-certify. Patients from other states must still have a medical card to buy at D.C. dispensaries”

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Initiative 71

Well, what about the 1-71 businesses?  I-71 refers to businesses that exist under the DC legal provision Initiative 71.  This legal provision allows for the transportation of and gifting of cannabis. Individuals aged twenty-one or older may receive cannabis if no money is exchanged.  This has created the “gifting” culture in Washington, DC.  I-71 companies will gift cannabis in exchange for music, t-shirts, etc.  Delivery dispensaries like Select Co-Op, DC Cooperative, Gifted Legacy, and Takoma Care and Wellness gift to you as you subscribe to their premiere menu selections. 

I prefer dealing with recreational delivery dispensaries than I-71 storefront dispensaries.  The storefronts rarely have quality selection as the law does not allow them to keep much on site.  Selling weed is illegal.   The storefronts continue to draw scrutiny from neighborhood residents and are a target for medical marijuana as competition.  NBC News 4 reports “legislation failed to pass in April because it included harsh penalties for the stores that gift marijuana. D.C. Council Chair Phil Mendelson said he will try to get those penalties approved later this year. “The reality is there’s an illegal business that’s thriving and growing, and we need to put a stop to that,” Mendelson said”. 

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I find it comical that this bill is labeled as such a pressing and paramount concern.  NBC News 4 indicates this “emergency legislation will allow residents 21 and older to sign a form that states they have a medical need for marijuana. “It’s going to help us survive. We’re very excited about it,” Anacostia Organics owner Linda Green said. Green said she saw a big impact when seniors 65 and older were allowed to sign such forms earlier this year”

Is this an “emergency” in the district of Columbia?  I do not think so.  Medical marijuana companies are simply wielding their power and have been quite successful in their lobbying efforts. There are a few reasons I shall stick to my DC recreational delivery dispensaries. 

I appreciate the prices offered by Select Co-op, DC Cooperative, Gifted Legacy, and Takoma Care and Wellness.  Their partnerships allow for me to get quality flowers and concentrates for less than what medical dispensaries charge.  I also value my delivery dispensaries for the robust menu.  DC recreational dispensaries consistently have more options than medical dispensaries.    I will continue my 4:20 experiences with DC delivery dispensaries!  Enjoy your 4:20 experiences my friends! 

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