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Coronavirus & Vaping, Concentrates, Bad Flowers

We are clear that there is the medical marijuana industry and there are dudes that sell weed.  The medical marijuana industry provides cannabis sativa for patients needing the effects various strains of indicas and sativas offer. Dudes that sell well weed find good deals on “marijuana-like” flowers, edibles, and synthetics to whoever is willing to buy.  There is a gradient of course. You can find bullshit medical marijuana dispensaries and find dudes that sell weed with great medical marijuana.  Using synthetic concentrates and subpar flowers can actually expose you to greater health risks in these days and time.  So the issue is who you getting your stuff from?

On March 12, 2020 The National Institute on Drug Abuse indicated “…because it attacks the lungs, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 could be an especially serious threat to those who smoke tobacco, use marijuana, or vape.”  However, this statement does not even consider if people are using bullshit marijuana and/or vape products.  I am certain marijuana flowers wreaking of ammonia and of subpar genetic quality are more harsh and damaging than a finely flushed out quality bred flower plant.

The medical industry is still “researching'” the effects of vaping.  Additionally the same previously mentioned report indicates vaping not only harms lung health but may also harm the cells of the lung and diminishes the ability to respond to infection.   I don’t vape.  Yes, I am biased.  Dab, shatter, vape I do not do any of that shit.  I stay true to flowers.  Yet this is not a vape/concentrate vs. flower matter.  This is a quality control issue.  Do you know, trust, respect the integrity of the people you get your 4:20  from?  Your life may depend on it and I’m not being melodramatic nor cracking a joke. Dudes that sell weed as a hustle and do not care about what or who they sell to are dangerous for the health of society.

I am very concerned about the abundance of concentrates and vape carts circulating the market.  The medical market and the street market are both concerns because of the vast variance in what you may get when purchasing. Beginning with that K2 garbage sold at gas stations, I have been amazed at this new synthetic and concentrate craze that has people buying whatever someone has thrown in a bag or wrapped in plastic.  I can look, feel, and smell flowers to see if synthetic or artificial means are in play.  With the vapes and concentrates, etc. its a roll of the dice trusting whoever the supplier is….so You getting from a random dude that sells weed or business of quality and integrity. You ya wit?

The COVID-19 virus contraction will concentrate (among other populations) with those with pre-existing respiratory conditions.  Again, I must be clear, this is not about vaping or dabbing.  Continued use of any substance where the user is clueless to how it was made, who made it, what is int it, and who sold it to the user is a layered game of russian roulette.  There are medical marijuana products that are ideal for pain relief, nausea, anxiety treatment, among a other ailments.  The concern is using products that must be smoked or inhaled when the substance itself, not the act of using it, is in question and can cause severe damage to the respiratory system.

We have all heard the news stories of vaping deaths.  I know people that have experienced coughing up blood and severe headaches from dabbing.  This is not a scare campaign nor a come to Jesus soapbox abstinence proclamation.  I want you and those you know to make informed choices about who and what you purchase for 4:20.  Do you know your guys? Can they offer informed information about products?  Do they stay up on the research and developments in the industry? Do you trust them? Coronavirus aside, there will be another health concern in the near or distant future.  Keep the immune system and respiratory system strong by avoiding bullshit bought from those dudes that sell weed!

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