New ways to find weed in DC – September 2022 Edition

This is a grey line/murky line of the law that is kind of “allowed” in the district. Transporting cannabis is legal and Gifting it is legal.

So you are visiting Washington DC and you want to learn how to find weed in DC? This guide is for those that do not know how to find weed in the district or if it is illegal to buy weed in DC. 

What is Initiative 71?

Initiative 71 allows for personal ownership of up to two ounces, transporting cannabis, gifting it to friends, and growing it. This allows weed delivery services to exist in the District. In Washington DC individuals are allowed to “gift” weed.

This means that the person delivering your weed is not selling you weed. They are gifting weed to you.

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There are no recreational store fronts allowed in DC, Maryland, or VA. Washington DC is the only spot in the DMV where delivery services are “legal’, neither in VA or in MD are delivery services or store fronts tolerated. 

Simply put, to do so in Virginia is volunteering to go to jail!

Is recreational marijuana legal in DC?

Many locations have legalized marijuana but do not allow such recreational dispensaries to exist. Washington DC has a legal provision called Initiative 71

This provision allows for the possession of two ounces or less of marijuana, the use of marijuana on private property, and to transfer one ounce or less of marijuana to another person according to DC city government. 

The stipulation is as long as no money, goods or services are exchanged; and the recipient is 21 years of age or older.

How do you find weed in DC?

The internet,  with the choice of a few special keywords,  will avail you to a wide variety of options. Along with social media there are ” vendors” at your fingertips. A top-notch weed delivery or pickup service will answer questions, explain strains, and the process of receiving goods.

The keyword is service in delivery service. I am thankful to deal with Select Co-op. They have a beautiful flower menu usually filled with my favorite sativa strains.

How to buy weed in DC

Step 1:

Browse our online menu

Step 2:

Select your free marijuana gift of choice

Step 3:

Place your order online and a bud tender will contact you to confirm your ID and location of delivery

Buy Recreational Weed Using Delivery Services

Find Weed in DC

These “vendors” tend to have been around the longest and that’s no accident. They’re mostly found online or on sites where they’re cleared and reviewed constantly keeping them on their toes. Larger varieties of strains is a tale tell of a great “vendor”.

Prices may tend to be a little higher than the pop-up and storefront but it’s worth it. Updated menus and online ordering makes the experience a cut above. You can shop online, it’s convenient, and the quality is the best. Delivery/ Pick-up  is definitely our tops… so far.

Find Recreational Weed at DC Pop up Events

Pop-ups can take place anywhere from a family home, an old store, or an industrial park. Who knows. We visited pop-ups in the back of a bakery, someone’s basement, and what appeared to be a loading dock.

The simple set-up usually includes some space where “vendors” can display their goods on a card table of some sorts. Most pop-ups I’ve been asked to go to are in the middle of the day, from like 1pm to 6 in the afternoon

Buy Recreational Weed from DC Smoke Shops or Storefronts

DC Smoke Shops

DC has a few storefronts so obviously you should just google one and walk-in to grab something. Wrong! It is legal to transport and gift marijuana in the District of Columbia. It is not legal to exchange weed for money so a storefront is an illegal business waiting to get raided, possibly with you in it!

So what about the storefronts you see around Washington DC? Simply put, such storefronts are simply being given enough rope to hang themselves. The District is clear on how cannabis may be shared with friends as a gift. – Read our article: Staying Away From DC Storefronts

Do you need a medical card to buy weed in DC?

 As of July 1st 2022, the DC Council approved a measure for DC residents to “self-certify” themselves for medical cannabis, NBC News 4 reports.  Thus, the answer is no, DC residents now can buy weed from medical dispensaries without a medical card. 

This is where the fun begins. This is a strong disclaimer. I DO NOT suggest smoking weed in public anywhere in the city. Can you smoke weed walking down the street in Washington DC? The technical answer is no. However, with vape pens and one-hitters it is quite easy to do so discreetly.

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You may see someone walking down the street with a joint or blunt smoking. Well it is recreational legal and police are not harassing people for cannabis. There is something called common sense though. 

If there is a day-care group of toddlers walking down the street and you are Puff the Magic Dragon walking along them an officer may deal with your blatant disregard. Nor would I be at an outside table eating at a restaurant and start lighting up curbside. Use situational awareness if you are going to publicly consume.  

Smoking weed in dc

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Is buying weed legal in Virginia Now?

Virginia as of July, 2021 became the first “southern state” to legalize recreational marijuana use. There are no recreational store fronts allowed in DC, Maryland, or VA. Washington DC is the only local in the DMV where delivery services are “legal’, neither in VA or in MD are delivery services or store fronts tolerated. Simply put, to do so in Virginia is volunteering to go to jail!

In Virginia it is legal to possess but not sell cannabis by any means. Virginia only allows for medicinal purchases at state run facilities for card holders. Virginia and Maryland offer medical marijuana cards for those that qualify and have endured the waiting period. Many articles have been written about this long process and the scant selection of medical marijuana dispensaries.

There is no other way to legally purchase weed in Virginia.

Can I meet someone for gifting weed in Maryland?

I would not do so. Maryland has legal medical dispensaries. Recreational use is decriminalized under ten grams. In Maryland they have made it that smoking is no big deal but recreational gifting weed to others is not legal.

Maryland is still fighting the full legalization battle.

Maryland, medical cannabis is fine, but recreational weed is illegal. However, if you get busted with less than 10g, they won’t waste time imprisoning you but there might be a fine. Anything more than that is a misdemeanor or felony and could come with jail time. In Virginia, weed is legal to possess, consume, and grow if you’re over 21, but there’s no legal way to buy it if you don’t have a medical prescription at a recreational dispensary.

Why is recreational weed safe in DC Only?

DC is a special case because it doesn’t have state laws to follow, but it does have its own cannabis laws. The District is not in Virginia and it is not in Maryland. The Nation’s Capital is a “district” (not a state) and has its own local laws outside of the federal government. 

Washington DC has passed a law called Initiative 71 (I-71) some years ago. This law allows for the transportation and gifting of cannabis within the Washington DC city limits. This is how weed delivery services exist in the District.

Can you legally get weed from a guy walking down the street? No, you cannot! That is selling weed and is not legal. The only way to get recreational weed is to take a trip into Washington, DC.