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Wedding Pie Strain Review

I have never heard of a Wedding Pie. Isn’t there some weird tradition where the bride and groom hit each other with a pie? That’s right some folks smear cake… Some folks damn near smack the shit out of their spouse with the cake. I have never seen that shit though, not in my culture!

Wedding Pie strain is a crossing of Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. I have never heard of Grape Pie before. Looking it up it has Cherry Pie in it! Wedding Pie tastes amazing. The name is simple, but accurate. You taste the vanilla, sugary, creaminess of Wedding Cake… The sweet cherry and pie crust taste of Cherry Pie, and sweet grapes and berries top off the flavors.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Pie can get up to 22% THC levels. The awesome taste of Wedding Pie reveals its indica nature. This strain will have you extremely relaxed and lethargic on the couch. The mental effects are calming and soothing. This is an evening wind down strain.

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