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The Top 10 Sativa Weed Strains In DC| What Is A Sativa?

I am glad you asked me that question. Cannabis Sativa Weed Strains invigorate, motivate, and elevate the mind while often also providing focusing and energy and body vibe to get up and do things. This is not the case with all sativas, but this is a general rule of thumb. We will be exploring the dynamite Top 10 Sativa Weed Strains available to you right now through DC delivery dispensaries. We are starting with the amazing and classic Jet Fuel strain. 

#1 Jet Fuel

When I first heard of this strain it was told to me as the “cocaine” of cannabis. That did not sound appealing. However, Jet Fuel will invigorate and prime you to get the day started. It has a strong taste of diesel/gassiness. Novices should be leery as the come down may have newcomers lethargic if too much is smoked.

#2 Ultra Sour

Ultra Sour Sativa Weed Strains

Ultra Sour is our next sativa weed strains that we strongly recommend. This strain is the crossing of East Coast Sour Diesel and MK Ultra strains. This strain offers potent cerebral focusing energy that also relaxes the mind without sedation. Ultra Sour has a sour lemon taste that accentuates its diesel gassiness.

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#3 Wonka Bars

Next upon our sativa weed strains walk of fame is Wonka Bars. You just need to grab this for the taste. This is a cornucopia of vanilla, chocolate, nuttiness, and creamy sweet fruits balanced by earth flavors. You get a different flavor treat in each toke there is so much going on…and the sativa effects are wake and bakers treat.

#4 Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is not only a classic singer and American icon but also a dope strain. I like Willie Nelson strain for its mind-clearing effects. Stress and overriding thoughts melt away with this strain. These type of sativa weed strains have an odd spicy tropical fruit flavor to it that you will keep smoking to try to understand what you are tasting. 

#5 Sour Patch Kids (SPK)

Sour Patch Kids (SPK) strain is a definite go-to sativa. This strain could not be more aptly named. It tastes like sugary, sweet, tropical and sweet fruit candy. SPK offers a fun invigorating mental effect while the boy is functionally relaxed.While Sour leads the name it does not lead the effect. Kush dominates the energy and effects in this combination. This is said to be a 60/40 sativa dominance, but I doubt that.

#6 Jamaican

Jamaican StRAIN rEVIEW Sativa weed Strains

Next on our must have sativa weed strains list is Jamaican. The name is what it is! This landrace, naturally growing strain from Jamaica is a 100% sativa. This strain offers no bells or whistles. This is just straight piney dank earth flavors with an energizing effect to get up and conquer the world.  

#7 Durban Poison

We have another classic landrace strain here. Durban Poison is 100% sativa. This is a landrace strain meaning it is not crossed with anything. This strain originates in South Africa. Durban Poison may top out at 24% THC levels. This strain may also offer 1%CBD and CBN as well. This strain is an ideal wake and bake sativa. It tastes of sweet herbal elements with a hint of piney earthiness to it.. I enjoy waking and baking off this strain to go running. 

#8 Guava Gas

Next up for the sativa weed strains lovers is Guava Gas. I am a Sour Diesel aficionado and love anything that is diesel. Ironically, this strain is not actually a diesel but still has tastes similar to that classic strain. Guava Gas tastes of sweet tropical fruity diesel elements that motivates the mind and energizes the body.

#9 Cherry Haze

If you have not had Cherry Haze then you need to grab some. This is a great after work sativa weed strain. Cherry Haze is the product of crossing CherryBomb and PurpleHaze. Cherry Haze may get up to 20% THC levels with up to 1% CBD as well. The hazy elements are strong with this strain.  However, the sweet cherry, fruity, and creamy flavors are a treat to behold. If you’re looking for different types of sativa weed strains or have your eye on something else make sure to check out all my strain reviews.

#10 Damn Sour

Lastly, my 4:20 enthusiasts, we recommend grabbing some Damn Sour. This is a rank and dank diesel strain. Damn Sour is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain and a descendant of Sage N Sour strain. This strain also ranges from 17%-22% THC levels. Diesel lovers will love this strain for sure. Wake bake and enjoy this invigorating and potent diesel taste!