Summer Strain Dreams

If you are reading this article you are obligated to gift me one of the strains mentioned in the paragraphs to follow. This is my summer wish list for cannabis strains. I have been looking at strains that are new this summer across the country and have a mouth-watering eclectic list. My birthday is July 15th. Please fulfill your 420 obligations, continuing to read is a commitment to gift me the strains!

Ok, what is Guava Zkittlez from Talking Trees Farm in California? It is what it is. Guava mixed with Zkittez strain. It is said to offer an effect that is socially engaging while relaxing the mood and body. I can’t wait until it comes around.

DNA Genetics in Arizona is said to release OG Miss DNA this summer. This strain is said to be the product of combining Kosher Kush and Strawberry Banana. The taste is said to be a decadent fruity and piney contrasting blend. I want it!

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Next on the list is Cream of the Crop’s creation of Strawberries and Cream. The parent strains are strawberries and Cookies. It is said to be a sativa hybrid that energizes the mind and fuels the body. I want to try waking and baking with it.  

I have not heard much about the Cake Mints strain that Mountain Sun Botanicals has created. I like the cake strains in sativa blends so I am adding it to my list. I have not heard much on the Caked Up Cherries strain by Item 9 labs either. However, I want both of these cake strains to be experienced.

If folks have news of more sativa, and/or sativa hybrids coming out this summer then please share. You have my summer shopping list so please do not lollygag. My birthday is July 15th. I thank you in advance for my gifts! 420 out!