Strawberry Cough Strain Review

Summer Breeze…makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind! Listening to the Isley Brothers rolling with the windows down is a classic experience we all know. Can anything be more classic than Strawberry Cough. One hit and you reminiscing good times like listening to Summer Breeze. One hit and you may also lose a lung. The sweet strawberry taste hides the fact that this strain is potent!

When you open the bag you literally will think a pint of freshly picked strawberries was just opened. The origins of this classic sativa dominant strain Strawberry Cough lie in mystery, some say controversy. Yet, the effects leave nothing to question. Strawberry Cough relaxes the mind in calm enjoyment while uplifting thoughts and energy levels. Repeat, uplifting energy. Ride your scooter, ride your bike, jog a trail, hit the gym, stretch, dance, live, and love! You will enjoy it all. This a daytime/all-day strain for sure!

THC levels of Strawberry Cough range from low to mid 20 percents. The effects can be jarring, like the cough you will release, as they hit immediately with potent force. The buds may remind you of an indica with their density and leaf structure. Upon cracking the tiny buds open you are hit with a spicy whiff of strawberries. The first hit you taste strawberries. Not strawberry dank or strawberry diesel…it just tastes like strawberries and that subtle surprise undoubtedly will yield to a massive cough as the smoke feels so light and tastes so good. Enjoy it like a Summer Breeze.

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