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Sour OG strain Review

Sour OG. Typically I like and gravitate to sativas. My folks at Select Co-op have been steering me towards some good hybrids lately though. This classic but never disappointing hybrid is sure to please. Let’s check out Sour OG strain.

As the creation from crossing OG Kush, Blueberry, and Sour Diesel this strain packs the best of all of its lineage. While providing a blast of relaxing and calming energy from the OG Kush and Blueberry; the Diesel sativa elements make it so functionality is not in question and you can get work, or whatever you need to accomplish, completed with focus!

Sour OG is said to be a 50/50 hybrid. For me these effects lean towards the sativa side. This strain tastes of a citrus, piney, berry flavored diesel. Diesel lovers will love the accents to the taste. Sour OG can get up to 17% THC levels. Enjoy this treat while it is around friends.

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