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San Fernando Valley Og Strain Review

Dank…in my wackest west coast accent. “Dank”! San Fernando Valley OG, commonly known as SFV OG. That is the first thing you smell and experience. This is back in the day hide this because it will light up the whole house dankness. The piney, earthy, woody fragrance hints at a pinch of lemon has you are transfixed on the smells to determine if there is more to decipher.

The dank hits you in the head instantly. Its cerebral sedating. It relaxes thought and allows whatever you experience to just be experienced. The body effects are puzzling. I had this before and it couch locked me in previous use. Right now I want to devour the fridge and am contemplating a better arrangement for my dining room situation. This Afghani and OG Kush love child is unpredictable as it ranges in THC levels (17-24%). What is not unpredictable is the sativa cerebral effects that direct the mind to focused clarity in the moment. This bodily experience effect is wonderfully relaxing while not even suggesting couch-lock sedation.

Taste is again…dank. Its earthy, piney…You know you smoking trees on this strain! The slightly lemon and peppery flavors that hit on the back end of the pull is appreciated to the utmost. I was not familiar with this strain previously. If it comes around, I will grab it just to see how the differences in relaxation with the awesome clear sativa effects.

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