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Rocket Fuel Strain Review

First I was introduced to the energetic powerful effects of diesel. Then I learned of the awesome sativa energy of Jet Fuel. What takes more power to fuel a jet? How about fueling a rocket? This must be sativa excellence correct?

Is Rocket Fuel an Indica or Sativa Strain?

Jet Fuel

What is the THC Percent for Rocket Fuel?

WRONG!!!! In a loud Charlie Murphy voice (R.I.P.)… Rocket Fuel strain review is a powerful indica dominant strain. Rocket Fuel is the product of crossing Jet Fuel OG and Face Off OG. This powerful indica that can get up to 30% THC levels.

What does Rocket Fuel taste like?

Rocket Fuel tastes of spicy diesel dankness balanced by sweet sugary berry gum drops. The taste is an eclectic beautiful experience. Rocket Fuels’ strain review is a definite evening wind down strain. This will melt away pain, anxiety, stress, and the rest of your night. So in other words use while expecting to not do anything afterwards.

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