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Pineapple Strain Review

I am a fan of pineapple. The fruit is cool but the strain is fucking awesome! Pineapple is said to be a product of inbreeding Rosenthal’s Super bud strain. Many bring up comparisons to Pineapple that do not do this strain justice. Some state the blatantly obvious. Pineapple is a better and more potent strain than Pineapple Express…No Shit! Pineapple Express might as well be weed light or the “O’dweeds” from the Chapelle show!

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Pineapple Kush is an offspring of Pineapple. While Pineapple Kush is more indica in nature than Pineapple. Enough! No more talk of what Pineapple is not. Let’s get into what it is! Pineapple is a 50/50 hybrid. To me it is slightly sativa leaning. The THC levels of Pineapple can be as low as 16% and as high as 27%. The benefits of this strain are its potent medial effects balanced by sativa energy.

Pineapple naturally tastes of sweet pineapples and there is a subtle smell of the fruit as well. A subtle piney skunk flavor is also present. Pineapple’s initial effects include a cerebral rush of focused energy conducive for getting things done with elation and euphoric feelings. Time yields to this strain’s body relaxing and pain relieving elements. This strain provides strong relief from pain.

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