Strain Reviews

Peach Diesel

Thank Sweetwater Farms for this beautifully bred treat. Peach Diesel is a cross between the decadent flavor of Peaches and Cream strain and the skunk pungency of Sour Diesel. The synthesis is a smooth smoke of creamy sweetness mixed with the dank power of diesel. Peach Diesel is nice. My guy at Select Co-op told me it was fire!

The buds of Peach Diesel have stringy leaves typical of Sour Diesel. These stringy leaves surround long massively scaled lima bean shaped buds with orange hairs wrapping around the structure. The hairs have a thin layer of trichomes covering the exterior. Breaking open the buds the scents of dank peach ice cream radiates.

Peaches and Cream is said to have a THC level range between mid to high teens topping at off at 19%. This makes sense as I felt slight body relaxing effects. However, the majority of this experience is elation, motivation, energy, and social activity. This is a day-time strain for active people. Body effects did alleviate some pain relief. It has been reported some use it for such reasons. I recommend it for the day-time energy.