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Orange Durban Strain Review

Durban Poison is one of my favorite sativa strains. It is a landrace so it has not been cloned or genetically modified to create some new strain, and is 100% sativa. The buds on this beauty look like.a dense indica, but have the long tapered shape of a sativa. This is a wake and bake strain for producers to be productive. We are speaking of Orange Durban!

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Orange Durban hits the mind with laser-focusing effects. You’ll need to set a timer considering time will pass quick. It’s the product of crossing Durban Poison and Orange Juice. The name says it all obviously. This strain is great for combatting stress and fatigue, as it’s known for its strong cerebral effects. You’ll surely be uplifted and euphoric, and pretty hungry. That being said, new smokers be weary- this head high can be trippy if over consumed

Select Co-Op Banner Strain Review

This strain may top out near 20% THC levels. I was so excited about this strain I forgot to break out my DJ Clue metal echo voice…”New strain, new strain”! It also has a slight spicy and citrus taste to it, and is also ideal for day-time/morning use. I grabbed a nice stash of it from the good people at Select Co-op. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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