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OG Kush Strain Review

This is old school like a Sam Cassell step-back jumper. This is old school like the Monchichis cartoon. Ancient mythical origins of some California strain crossed with a Hindu Kush plant produce this cannabis classic. The terpenes, flavors and aromas, produced from its trichomes boast diesel, skunks, and peppery spice elements.

One of the many reason this strain is a definite classic great is the undeniable unique taste. The fuel and diesel qualities are abundantly present. Yet, somehow citrus and fruity berry flavors emerge balancing the harsh up front flavors for a nice blend on the exhale. This shocking contrast makes this a favorite for experienced users when it comes around.

OG Kush has THC levels ranging from low to mid 20%. This is a stoner’s high. You will not want to work out or debate world health politics. You will want to enjoy how the light hits the ceiling at a certain angle or just couch-lock drifting off to the latest COVID-19 babble. The buds emit fumes of pine and earthly herbs. The fluffy nuggets have rich green hues juxtaposed with a few pale green leaves and orange hairs. The bud structure is deceiving for the indica punch it packs!

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