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Sep 24, 2022
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New Glazed Cookies and Cream Cart Review

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The Cookies and Cream cart tastes better than the flower strain.  The clear vanilla, nutty, and chocolate tastes are robust and mouth-watering.  I appreciate this cannabis gift from my Initiative 71 compliant recreational marijuana delivery dispensary. Thank you, Select Co-Op they now carry Glazed disposable THC carts.  These high-quality products are perfect for on the go.  They can be recharged but they also can be simply tossed when you have used it up. 

Cookies and Cream

THC Levels & Effects

Cookies and Cream carts may offer up to 86% THC levels.  These carts may also provide .26% CBD as well. This cart is ideal for afternoon relaxing providing a mentally stimulating yet slightly relaxing experience. 

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