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Brownies Edible

The technology for edibles has changed as. We are a long way from my teenage years when I mixed in swag with melted butter and added it to brownie mix. I would sit there trying to determine if I was high.


Eating a brownie from Select Co-Op will not have you questioning. You will know you are right and exact. These brownies are actually good. I eat edibles for the effect, not to eat snacks. However, you can snack on these brownies so keep them away from the little ones.


I try to eat half of the brownie. I cut it in half and put the other half in the fridge, yet I always come back and eat the other half. My lady always makes me buy two and she hides the rest of hers. One brownie will have you sensual, relaxed, and so ready for an evening of relaxation.

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