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Missouri Micro Dispensaries: A Deep Dive

1. What are Missouri Micro Dispensaries?

Missouri Micro Dispensaries are more than just small-scale cannabis businesses. They’re an innovative pathway to marijuana facility ownership, specifically designed for marginalized or underrepresented groups. This includes individuals with a net worth of less than $250,000 or veterans with service-connected disabilities. With the goal of inclusivity, Missouri’s approach to licensing these microbusinesses is unique and groundbreaking.

2. Types of Microbusiness Licenses

There are two main microbusiness licenses available in Missouri:

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  • Microbusiness Dispensary License: This license permits the acquisition, processing, storage, sale, transport, and delivery of marijuana, seeds, clones, infused products, and related paraphernalia. They can also take orders in various ways, including in-person, phone, or online, and even have the authority to create pre-rolls.
  • Microbusiness Wholesale License: This caters to the cultivation and processing side of the cannabis business. A holder of this license can acquire, cultivate, process, store, and sell marijuana products. They’re permitted to cultivate up to 250 flowering marijuana plants at a given time and can create both pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls.

3. Microbusiness Location Considerations

Choosing a location for your microbusiness is critical. It’s essential to liaise with local, county, and city governments to ensure compliance with zoning and location requirements. Specifically, facilities (including offsite warehouses) shouldn’t be within 1,000 feet of schools, daycares, or churches. Moreover, while the idea of a mobile microbusiness (like a bus) may sound appealing, it’s currently not permissible under Missouri law.

4. Microbusiness License Validity and Regulations

A microbusiness license is valid for three years from the date of issue. License holders should be proactive, applying for a renewal at least 30 days (and no more than 90 days) before expiration. While there’s no specific size requirement for the facility, a microbusiness wholesale facility is capped at cultivating no more than 250 flowering plants. Interestingly, there’s no age restriction on ownership, but owners under 21 are not allowed access to the marijuana facility.

5. Ownership Dynamics and Multiple Applications

Missouri’s rules are flexible when it comes to owning multiple facilities. An individual can own both a transportation facility and a microbusiness. However, if someone holds ownership in a transportation facility, they need to make specific attestations in their application. As for property selection, multiple applicants can indeed choose the same property. If both get selected, the department will work with them to determine the next steps.

In conclusion, Missouri’s initiative to promote micro dispensaries is a commendable step towards ensuring inclusivity in the cannabis industry. With the clear guidelines and support offered by the state, aspiring microbusiness owners are well-equipped to navigate the process. For further queries, the Facility Application Services Unit at [email protected] is always ready to assist.

Understanding Eligibility

Who Can Own a Missouri Micro Dispensary?

The State of Missouri provides a golden opportunity for certain individuals to enter the burgeoning cannabis industry through its Microbusiness License initiative. This type of license caters to people who might have faced barriers in accessing the cannabis market. Here’s a look at the key eligibility requirements.

Educational Background & Residency:

If you attained a GED from an unaccredited district, it won’t count towards microbusiness ownership eligibility. However, residing in a zip code containing an unaccredited school district for three out of the past five years can. Interestingly, you don’t need to be a Missouri resident to apply.

Non-Violent Marijuana Offense Considerations:

If you, your parent/guardian, or your spouse faced arrest, prosecution, or conviction for a non-violent marijuana offense, you could be eligible. Importantly, offenses related to minors or DUI don’t count. Any such event should have occurred on or before December 8, 2021.

Financials and Net Worth:

To apply, applicants should have a net worth under $250,000. The financial proof includes sworn statements for three of the past ten years showcasing a net worth below the $250,000 threshold. Moreover, if you’re claiming low income, you’ll need evidence that your gross household income remained below 250% of the federal poverty guidelines for at least three of the past ten years.

Spousal Considerations:

Married couples need to consider their joint financial status. However, there’s no restriction against spouses owning separate microbusiness licenses. But remember, an individual can only own one microbusiness license at a time.

Key Eligibility Criteria in a Nutshell:

To be eligible, the business must be majority-owned by individuals who meet at least one of several criteria. These range from financial thresholds, veteran status, past marijuana-related offenses, to specific residency conditions. You can certainly meet more than one, but it’s not a necessity.

In conclusion, the microbusiness initiative is Missouri’s way of ensuring a diverse, equitable, and inclusive cannabis market. Ensure you fall under the required criteria before making an application. With the right eligibility, this could be your gateway into the thriving world of cannabis business in the state.

Navigating the Missouri Micro Dispensaries Application Maze: Tips & Insights

The world of microbusiness applications can be a challenging one, especially when wading through legal language and protocols. Here’s a concise guide to help you navigate the microbusiness application process in Missouri:

1. District Determination:

The application process utilizes the eight congressional districts of Missouri as of December 6, 2018. Use the DCR Location Tool to confirm your proposed microbusiness facility’s district.

2. The Facility’s Location vs. Your Residence:

You don’t need to live in the same congressional district where your microbusiness facility will be set up. It’s the facility’s location that determines the congressional district for the application.

3. Facility Requirements:

While a built-out facility isn’t required at the time of application, you must:

  • Provide a proposed facility location that aligns with location requirements.
  • Submit proposed blueprints that detail the facility, from rooms to camera locations.

4. Confidentiality Concerns:

Label proprietary business documents with “Proprietary Information” in the right-hand upper corner. Check here for more details.

5. Communication from the Department:

Keep an eye on your email. Whether it’s for additional documents, notifications of license award, or any other query, communication is primarily done through email. Ensure your designated contact email is checked frequently, especially around crucial dates.

6. Applying for a Missouri Micro Dispensaries License:

Applications will be accepted from July 27 – August 10, 2023, through the department’s web-based system. Detailed forms and instructions will be available on their website by June 6, 2023.

7. Fingerprinting:

Owners with 10% or more voting or financial interest must submit fingerprints. Guidance on how and when will be provided during the application window.

8. Multiple Applications & Missouri Micro Dispensaries Selection:

Microbusinesses are chosen via a lottery system conducted by the Missouri Lottery. Remember, submitting multiple applications will not increase your chances. In fact, doing so will result in the denial of all applications you’re listed on.

9. Costs and Refunds:

A microbusiness application costs $1500. But don’t fret—if you meet all the requirements and are still not chosen via lottery, you are eligible for a refund. Refund requests can be made from thirty-one days after denial up to six months later.

10. Remember:

Being thorough, diligent, and informed can be the difference between a successful application and one that’s declined. Always refer back to the official Missouri Cannabis site for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Applying for a microbusiness license is an exciting step towards building your own venture. Understand the rules, be meticulous, and best of luck in your entrepreneurial journey!

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