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Kerosene Strain Review

Why do they call this strain Kerosene? Because let me just say this strain is FIRE! In all honesty, I have no clue why it is called such a name. However, it does have Sour Diesel in it so you just know I had to try it. Thanks to Select Co-op for another fire strain now lets get into another strain review!

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Kerosene, aka SoCal is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) and is the the product from crossing Sour Diesel and the White Bus strain. The result from the crossing is a Sour Diesel taste and focusing effect with a calming and hazy body relaxation to go along with the cerebral focus.  

Kerosene may top out at 25% THC levels. Kerosene tastes of a strong diesel profile balanced by hits of citrus and spicy floral elements.  This is an evening strain for me (at least) as the hazy effects are strong and long-lasting. Makes me not want to do anything all day after smoking this strain but hey could be different for someone else. If you’re looking for an indica or are looking at another strain but are unsure make sure to check out all my strain reviews here!

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