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Jamaican Lion Strain Review

It is the King of King, Lord of Lords. All hail the conquering Lion of Judah. Respect to Rasta but this is not of which I speak! Nuff respect to the winner of CBD strain awards. Nuff respect to the Jamaican Lion.

Jamaican Lion

We are dealing with a CBD classic here. Jamaican Lion strain is almost a balanced THC/CBD strain. THC levels may get as low as 9% and up to 17% while providing 13% CBD effect. The result is a strain that is ideal for treating anxiety, inflammation, headaches, and spasms.  

Jamaican Lion

Jamaican Lion is the product of crossing Mountain Lion and a strain known as Yarder according to some tokers. Like the balance of THC and CBD the strain is balanced between sativa and indica effects as well. This strain tastes of citrus mint with piney earth tones to balance the taste.

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