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Jack Herer Strain Review

The Jack Herer Strain is back! I have a love and slight dislike relationship with Jack. As a sativa jack gives me everything I want in a strain. However, the taste of Jack at times seems like I am smoking “Odweeds” from the Chappelle skit until the effects hit with sharp clarity.

Jack Herer strain is a classic sativa the effects are not heavy at all. Jack Herer is all about feeling good A sesh with Jack will leave you feeling happy, uplifted, focused, and maybe even a little bit energized. Sadness and unhappiness will fade away as you go into the blissful heaven this strain creates. This sativa will simply have you engaged, creative, full of energy, and enjoying every moment of the experience. There is no cloudiness or heaviness to the mind or body.  

My sole complaint is Jack Herer strain simply tastes like a lackluster piney wood flavor. There is nothing remarkable about the taste at all. Although the effect of Jack is light the strain can get up to 23% THC levels and offer 1% CBN as well. For an anytime of day sativa grab it from Select Co-op delivery dispensary while it is on deck.

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