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Jack Herer Strain Review

Jack is back. It has been awhile. Jack is like a dude that I used to run hoops with in college. He always gave his best effort and I would pick him up, but you always wanted someone just a little bit better.

Jack Herer Art

If you don’t know JackJack Herer is named after a long-time California weed activist. It has been around so long its origins are not normally speculated upon… My thing with Jack Here is it has never hit me with a hard rush for a sativa and the body effects are minimal. Like my man on the court he tries, but just does not do enough.

I grabbed this from Select almost out of nostalgia sake… Also since Select had to see if it was just poor strains I have had previously had. That may also be true, but my Jack Herer research is concluded. It is just OK. It says to be 24% THC levels and 1% CBN. IF you want a light sativa effect that is short lasting with body healing effects that are not overwhelming than enjoy…

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