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Green Candy Strain Review

Darrel Walker. That is who comes to mind. Darrel walker was GOOD, was not great, was not exceptional, he was a good basketball player. Growing up watching the Washington Bullets Darrel walker was “Mr. Hands”. He would give you about 8 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals, and a blocked shot a game. Nothing exceptional, but just good in all areas.

Green Candy is a Darrel Walker strain. The taste of Green Candy is good, It has the slight dank flavor of Green Crack balanced with a sweet undertone with neither overpowering the other. The flavor tastes…good. The sativa dominant high is underwhelming while the indica side provides a want to relax and lose time with a Stunted Growth Youtube basketball videos…It’s good. The smell is faint and the appearance looks slightly like sour diesel with more crystals…it’s not overwhelming but like Darrell was, its good.

Green Candy is good with anything. Riding bikes because its warm would be good after it. It’s a rainy day so Netflix and chilling on it would be good.,.or you would be good just doing what you just do as its good as a just function without your head being blasted strain.