Ganja Dos and Don’ts for Integrating Cannabis into Your Yoga Practice

By: Ganja Goddess

Yoga is a physical and mental practice where mind, body, and spirit work in concert to improve personal wellbeing. Cannabis is a plant with psychoactive compounds that activates your endocannabinoid system to improve homeostasis, your baseline way of being. The plant relieves pain, improves focus, enhances creativity, and encourages relaxation. It’s no surprise that combining the two for enhanced enlightenment is a practice that goes back thousands of years. However, just because a practice has been working together for years doesn’t mean it’s a totally intuitive process. Here are some dos and don’ts to help access your ideal mind and body connection during your first cannabis yoga practice.

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Ganja Do’s

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  • Do know your limits, and respect them. If you’re typically couchlocked after two pulls of your favorite Indica, keep that in mind. You can always add more, but you can’t undo what has already been done.
  • Do find an instructor whose style you like. There are several teachers who teach cannabis yoga classes. If you already practice yoga regularly, you might have a go-to instructor that you like. However, if your regular teacher isn’t 420 friendly and you want to find someone who is, then don’t let anything stop you. You never know, you might find a new cannabis friendly community.
  • Do give it a trial run at home before you join an in-person class. Find an online Zoom class to try before committing to an in-person visit. And if cannabis infused yoga classes are available in your area and actually taking place in person, don’t feel the need to rush out and join the class. Take your time.
  • Do give yourself a break. If you typically prefer a rigorous, sweaty flow, switch it up with your cannabis infused yoga class. Try a short class that focuses on a specific area of the body to test and learn how the combining cannabis and cow pose impacts your individual body.
  • Do micro dose or try a lower THC strain for your first time. A tiny hit of a CBD forward strain might be all you need to take your practice (and your relaxation game) to the next level.
  • Do use a strain you love, that has a predictable effect on your body. The first time is not the time to go dab if you usually don’t, or to take an extra edible before class. Remember, the only way to come down from a strong high is with time, so take it easy.
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Ganja Don’ts

  • Don’t attempt your regular class while high. Results might be unpredictable and some of the more stringent teachers have been known to kick people out for way less than being high. If you burst into a sudden fit of giggles, or if someone complains about the smell, or if you have problems following the sequences, it may be harder for you and others around you to get the most out of their practice. Getting permanently kicked out of your regular class for coming to class a little bit skunky would be the worst.
  • Don’t attempt headstands, inversions, or other postures that require coordination, at least not until after you know how cannabis will affect your practice.
  • Don’t consume more than you normally would in an overzealous quest for enlightenment. Taking extra bong rips or trying a completely new isn’t necessary. Build on the experience as you go.
  • Don’t engage in a long, vigorous practice if it’s your first time. The goal is gentle integration, not total oblivion. If that means doing a shorter class than you normally would, or focusing on a single area of the body, or staying in child’s pose for half the class then go for it.