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Coma Strain Review

Here is quite the contradiction indeed. I had to ask my folks at Select about this strain. If something is named Unconscious, death sleep, or something like stone dead one may assume you have an indica to put you on your ass. So what does a strain named Coma do?

Coma, aka, Crystal Coma is a sativa dominant, yessir a sativa dominant strain! This strain is the result of crossing Skunk and Cheese. Even from the lineage you would suspect sleepy time. WRONG! (Rest in Power Charlie Murphy)! This strain puts you into a coma of focused energized functionality. Coma can get up to 27% THC levels and is said to be 70% sativa, I think higher.


Ok, that was corny. Simply put this is a dope experience for sativa lovers. Coma focuses the mind while elating and elevating your mood in a crystal-clear state of focus. If anyone has ever had Permafrost strain this reminds me of that in effect and the crisp almost icey taste of spice and a clean menthol like dieselness that is hard to describe but a pleasure to enjoy. Wake and Bake into a coma!

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