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Cherry OG Strain Review

I am a fan of Cherry Pie as it’s one of my all-time favorite stains and often has me singing its theme song by Warrant. I have had Cherry Kush before and it is slightly too indica for my tastes. I have not had Cherry OG before so I am in for a treat. This is not a new strain so I can’t break out the metal Clue echo voice…it is simply a new strain for me.

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Cherry OG has an interesting lineage. Cherry Thai was hybridized with some Afghan variety from what I understand. Whatever they got from that was crossed with Lost Coast OG. The lineage sounds like a sativa lover’s dream…but hold up… Cherry OG is an equally balanced hybrid that offers a crisp euphoric high of blissful elation that is accompanied by a slow-rising body relaxation.

Cherry Og can get up to around 20% levels of THC. This strain also can provide about 1%CBN increasing its medicinal and therapeutic effects. I appreciate the beautiful cherry taste that is distinct with every toke of Cherry OG. The distinct taste of cherries is contrasted by a dank diesel and gassy earth piney taste on the back end. Enjoy and prepare for a munchie fest as well so hydrate! 4:20 out!

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