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Animal Cookies Strain Review

See this makes me think of Animal Crackers…not a strain but the box of red, blue and yellow animal crackers, that were really cookies I enjoyed crushing in early elementary school. The box itself was as enticing and a tease until you got to open and begin to slowly enjoy. Well these Animal Cookies are rated R. I recommend only adults only and to be eaten in the evening hours.

Animal Cookies is a powerful indica dominant hybrid. I was warned as much by my guy at Select! This strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, a strain comprised of a few Kush combinations. The indica of Fire OG will blaze yo ass off for sure after a few hits. The body relaxing effects of this strain are potent and begin to come on a slow tide rising. The sweetness of the Girl Scout Cookies combines with the earthy piney dankness of the Fire OG that upon exhale you know you are being hit with some flames.

Animal Cookies has a THC range of low to high 20%. Yes, THC levels can get up to 27/28%. Again this is some fire so use with caution. I feel simple couch-lock divinity. My body is tingly and I am enjoying it. I have had some long workouts at home on quarantine and this has definitively helped my muscle recovery…and I will be going to sleep shortly!