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Zookies Strain Review

Put some respect on that name. I bow down! I was totally sleeping.  Honestly, the name Zookies is too cute and did not pique my interest…but that’s why our guys at Select Co-op are there to steer us right!

Zookies is a cross between Girls Scout Cookies and Gorilla glue #4. I was shocked! Frankly, I’ve name it better because I looked the other way.  Zookies has the sweet taste of animal cookies and the gas/diesel taste and sativa effect of Gorilla Glue. This for fans of cookies strains, chemdawg, diesel strains, sativa strains…OK if you like good weed then get it!

Zookies is said to have THC levels ranging from low to mid 20%. The terpene profile of Zookies is dominated by Limonene (almost .45) and caryophyllene (.35) making almost 70% of the terpene profile. These give Zookies the citrus like sweet taste and pepper as to spiciness respectively. Both terpenes in Zookies give uplifting energy while caryophyllene is responsible for the inflammation and pain relief provided.