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Zookie Strain Review

Dank from the outer realms. Behold an extraterrestrial energy form bred by Alien Labs to create the life form that is Zookie! A balance of the sativa and indica cannabis species prepare to be…”zooked”, alright that’s corny. Zookie is a hybrid that gives an uplifting and energetic high while providing body-relaxation sans the Walking Dead syndrome.

The flavor aroma of Zookie is a blend of earthly pine and diesel scent that entices upon first catch of a whiff. There is a strong diesel and pine taste that hits hard initially that covers a light fresh-baked sweet cookie flavor that arises on the exhale. The first hit gives you an uplifting haze of enjoyment. Moments later the sedation hits without knocking you out. Its smooth its potency like Israel Adasanya, not scarily overpowering l like Romero.

Zookie hails from the crossing of Animal Cookies and Gorilla Glue#4. Hence, the mind-blowing energy of the GG#4 giving that hazy but uplifting effect. With the flavor of Animal Cookies bursting through. THC levels of Zookie range from low to mid 20% making it a potent for sedation, pain relief, and muscle soreness. Great daytime strain to enjoy activities while not being too energetic or amped up. Just enjoying the vibes!

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