You Just Knocked Over Your Weed Tray. Here Are Some Ways On How To Clean It Up.

My boyfriend and I love old school hip hop and were listening to some Warren G and Nate Dogg (RIP). I always take the Nate Dogg parts and this time was no exception, but I guess my amazing vocals made too much of an impression because just as I was about to hit the bridge my downstairs neighbor pounded on my floor. Startled, I knocked over the like 90 per cent of all the weed onto the carpet. The situation was dire, but I knew just what to do.

If this has never happened to you, consider yourself lucky. However, if you’re less lucky, several thoughts will run through your mind when trying to figure out how to address it. If it’s a hardwood floor, it’s pretty easy to get up, but if you have carpet flooring it’s a little bit more difficult. It happened to me just the other day. I say when, not if, because it happens to almost everyone eventually. Did I want to try to scoop up everything as much as possible by hand then vacuum the rest? Was it all still smokable? Was the weed just basically dead to me?

Luckily I’ve been in this type of predicament before so I knew how to address it. I went right over to the closet to get out my secret weapon in this kind of emergency, my vacuum. That’s right, I use the power of vacuum suction to get salvage all the nugs, because no flower left behind baby. To do this, first, you take the vacuum hose and put a towel and a rubber band around it. If you don’t have either (although why you wouldn’t have a towel, I don’t want to know) then you can use a rag of some kind and a scrunchie or hair tie, or even a coffee filter or a sock. Basically anything that you can tie around the hose. Then turn the attachment on and like magic, you’ll see all the stray flower get sucked up. This method is pretty perfect, because it gathers up all the weed, keeps you from having to dig around in the vacuum cleaner, because absolutely no one wants to do anything like that.

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After I got all of the weed up off the ground and order was restored to the world, I thought about it a little bit more. What if it was bong water? Like any other good Millennial I asked my group chat, and I quickly found out that this type of thing is the source of a lot of conversation. I found out there are a ton of ways to address the problem, so I thought I’d spread the wealth and share some of the steps of cleaning bong water smell out of carpet.

To clean bong water, it’s a little bit more of a complex process, but it’s all about the pressure. It starts with cleaning up the spillage. Gently scrape up any bits of resin that may be all over the place, since it will help you avoid mashing them any further into the carpet in the next step. Blot the bong water with a towel and or highly absorbent paper towels. Use as much pressure as you can to pull that moisture out of the carpet and into the towel. If you have some on hand, get out the cleaning vinegar to counteract the smell and neutralize the area. If you have a spray bottle, pour about a half-cup of vinegar into it and spritz it into the area. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you can soak a paper towel and press it into the carpet. After cleansing thoroughly, rinse the area with warm water, then blot dry with a towel again. Use as much pressure as you can. Finally, sprinkle baking soda over the wet area and let sit for a few hours. Then, vacuum up the baking soda and give the carpet a sniff. If you can still smell the bong water, try the steps again and repeat as needed to get it out.

If you’re wondering how it all turned out, my boyfriend gave me a lot of talks about knocking over the weed tray, but at the end of the day all was well. The vacuum trick worked amazingly and we salvaged pretty much everything. I’m going to do my best to make sure I never knock over bong water, but at least if I do, I’ll know what to do and so will you. ?