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X-Files Strain Review

The X-Files isnt going anywhere. The show is set to return. Yet they won’t feature Skully or Moulder. The show will be an animated series where a group of young agents take on cases too out there for Scully and Moulder, Ok My bad for wasting your time. This X-Files definitely isnt!

alaskan thunderfuck

The X-Files strain is a mysterious blend prime for sativa lovers. X-Files is a creation of crossing Sour Diesel, The Mask, and Purple Drank! X-Files tastes of a berry, citrusy, lavender diesel taste. Kiss your fingers into the air with me! Thank you to the wonderful lady at Select for directing me to this strain!

Red Dragon Strain | HDIGW

X-Files can get up to 21% THC levels. This is a wake and bake strain for me. The first hit will have the mind elated and the body tingling with a vibe to get up and get shit done. The nuggets are a beautiful array of sticky lime green, amber, orange, and purple accents swirling together.

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