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Wizard Cake Strain Review

Ok friends… Sound my Grand Daddy IU, “something new chorus”… “Something, something new, from Select to you”… This is not a new strain per se, but is new on the shelves of Select Co-op. Let’s get into some Wizard Cake.

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Wizard cake, aka Blissful Wizard will definitely leave the mind in a state of bliss. This strain is said to be 50/50 hybrid. This is one of those cases where that is actually accurate. Wizard Cake is the product of crossing Captain Cookies with Girl Scout Cookies. From combining two delicious Cookies the result is decadent cake!

After the first toke a lot of cerebral sativa energy hits. Sociability and talkativeness, energy to create and be clever abound the mind. This energy is like a rollercoaster you just enjoy. The body relaxation and sedation creeps on and feels like and slowly never stops creeping, but never crescendos into couch-lock. This strain can get up to 34% THC levels responsible for these amazing effects.

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