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Why Can’t DC Dispensaries Deliver Cannabis In Virginia Before 2023

If you live in the commonwealth of Virginia, it is a known fact that cannabis is legal but can’t deliver cannabis to me in virginia. What is not so well-known is how you can procure recreational cannabis legally. While, Delt-8 and hemp have dominated the political landscape concerning cannabis in Virginia do not be fooled; recreational cannabis is not even on the table in Virginia.

Delta 8 art1 Can DC Dispensaries Deliver Cannabis in VA

The Roanoke News has recently detailed the political history of cannabis in Virginia. Almost two years ago cannabis became recreational legal in Virginia. However, the Democrats that passed the measure allowed a provision for this bill to be re-enacted in 2023; that is verbose language for it needs to be voted on again.

Why did I bring up that Democrats passed the legislation? Well, because they did not think that they would lose the governor’s race and control of the legislature when they passed it. The Republicans have changed the language of social equity and marijuana reform to tax revenue and limiting access.

What happens if DC Dispensaries Deliver Cannabis in VA before 2023?

Recently, a bill to allow medicinal companies to sell recreational cannabis soon in 2023 was scrapped. All talk about setting up a recreational infrastructure in Virginia continues to be pushed back as well. There are businesses in Virginia that sell Delt-8 products and allow people to smoke cannabis in their “weed bar”/store. The Outlaw report has a succinct question and answer concerning these phenomena. Is it legal to do so (smoke in weed bars)? “In short, NO! “…“it remains illegal to consume marijuana or offer marijuana to another person in any public place”. A store anyone can walk into, or a bar anyone can enter or buy a membership to is a “public place”.  

Let’s simply apply logic to delivering weed in Virginia. If it is illegal to smoke your own weed in public, do you think it is legal to have DC Dispensaries Deliver Cannabis? Recall it is illegal to offer weed in public. NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) informs us that the first offense to sell or deliver merely an ounce of cannabis is up to 12 months in jail and./or up to a $2,500 fine. Having pounds in Virginia can get someone no less than five years.

DC Dispensaries Deliver Cannabis to me in City Limits what about you?

So, folks let’s look at this scenario from the perspective of Washington DC Dispensaries Deliver Cannabis. Washington DC has a legal provision called Initiative 71. According to the Office of the Mayor (DC) it is legal to transport and gift up to two ounces of cannabis flowers to someone aged twenty-one or older. Gifting is a vague and clever means by which dispensaries may offer cannabis. For example, I utilize the services of Select Co-op, DC Cooperative, Takoma Care and Wellness, as well as Gifted Legacy. I subscribe to their menu listings and am gifted when I want to order. This is all legal provided one is in the Washington DC city limits.

So, when Virginians want DC Dispensaries to Deliver Cannabis to Virginia the issue is possibly a year and jail and paying $2,500 simply by just driving into Virginia. It is not above law enforcement to set up people blatantly breaking the law when Virginia seeks to control any growth of an “illicit” market. To save all that potential hassle Virginians simply need to drive into the city and everyone is safe and happy! Enjoy your 4:20!  

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