Why Am I So Intimidated By Weed?

Picture it: you’re in a room with at least two other people, but there could be a ton of other people around. Perhaps you dipped off to another room with a smaller group because the other room got too loud. There’s loud music all around, or maybe it’s soft, quiet and in the background. You’re holding a beer, or your drink of choice, while someone insists they don’t like the artist whose music is on, but this song is so good. Now you’re feeling pretty good, until you realize that someone left only to return a few minutes later with a bong, a brownie, or maybe a good old fashioned joint. Either way, you’re trying to appear outwardly calm, all the while shaking in your boots because you’re pretty certain that it’s weed in that funny cigarette. Also you’ve never tried it, or maybe you have, but now you just don’t want to. 

That’s the reality for so many first time or occasional smokers. Let’s be honest, whether that was you twenty years ago or last weekend, it’s probably the kind of situation that perhaps turned you off. So you’ve avoided it for a while, but now that cannabis is nice and legal, it’s becoming  a more common topic in every day conversation. Even people who haven’t partaken in years might feel a little curious about what today’s world of weed has to offer. They just happen to exercise that curiosity while also feeling freaked out, and then embarrassed for feeling freaked out. 

The good news is that the recreational cannabis industry has changed things a lot: In 2011, you had to buy mids from a shady dude in a Seven-Eleven parking lot. Ten years later, in a third of states and growing, you can get a snack that resembles your favorite junk food, that contains a perfectly balanced THC:CBD ratio, delivered to your house. (Shoutout to Select– they keep me supplied with all my needs). You still might need to make conversation with a weird guy named Adam somewhere in the process, but these days, at least you won’t have to sit in his car (unless you want to)! Weed, from the potency to the purchasing experience, is a lot less “one-size-fits-all” than it used to be. So why are you still so uptight, or dare I say…Intimidated? 

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You’re probably not getting fully comfortable before you get high. One of the best ways to do this is to try weed when you are already comfortable. If you’re afraid you’re going to fall asleep or get hungry or dizzy, or whatever, do it when you’re already at home, or after taking your dog out, or after a good dinner. Going at it alone could be a relief for the socially anxious would be smoker. If you are comfortable and still feeling weird about it, it might be your chosen method. I’m a flower child nowadays, but if you hate smoking anything, then it might be the reason behind some of your anxiety. I mean, coughing sucks, having a dry mouth sucks, and bongs look like contraptions. However, there’s are a lot more ways to get weed in your system than just smoking it. In states where weed is legal, there are regulated edibles, topicals, sublingual’s (they go under the tongue) lubes, vaporizers, the list goes on and on, and it’s worth shopping around until you find something that speaks to you. 

Maybe, it’s possible that you just, don’t like weed and you never will. Some people and some substances just don’t mix. If you’re one of the people who inevitably gets anxious, super tired, or even nauseous after eating, vaping, smoking, whatever-ing weed, it’s totally fine to just say no to cannabis. Stick with stuff that doesn’t make you nervous that your cat “knows” something, or too lethargic to even order delivery. If you keep running into all these weird walls or you have some sort of aversion, it’s OK if you want to pull back. Ultimately, weed should be fun, so if it isn’t, just pass. Your friends won’t mind, we promise. They probably already know.