Who is Giving/Gifting Weed in Washington DC as a free gifts?

Are you aware of Initiative 71 in Washington, DC? This provision allows for the transportation of cannabis and the ability for gifting weed in washington dc up to two ounces in the area. Gifting simply means you pay for a subscription to a delivery dispensariesmenu then you are “gifted” cannabis. However, that is not what I am speaking about today. Select Co-Op is actually giving/gifting weed in Washington DC when you place orders to receive your gift!

How is Gifting Weed in Washington DC working with the delivery dispensaries?

Marijuana Gifting In DMV

How does this work. Select Co-Op is one of the largest delivery dispensaries in Washington DC. Their partnership with Takoma care and Wellness, DC Cooperative, and Gifted Legacy allows them to provide high quality strains at prices we love as I-71(Initiative 71 supporting) patrons. How much are they giving away? That depends on the size of your order and the strains you select. Place an order and find out today! 

What else does Select Co-Op provide?

Some of us are simply classic flower smokers. I have been guilty of not wanting to come out of my comfort zone. Cannabis has come a long way and there is so much to enjoy beyond simply rolling a jay or a blunt. Select Co-op also offers quality edibles, concentrates, and carts for your I-71/giving/gifting weed in washington dc needs.

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I was first exposed to the science of precise edibles through High Life’s Belgium Chocobites. Those little powerhouses have 100 mg THC and offer .50 CBD. I underestimated them. Eat one and give it about thirty minutes to digest and kick-in. Enjoy in moderation. However, the edible delights do not stop there. Select Co-Op also has Sour Bears, Mini chocolate Kanna Kisses, Brownies, Caramels, chocolate bars, and Rice Krispies Treats.     


I am not big on dabbing. For me the smoke is too intense. I do enjoy using crumbles to make a joint of flowers even more powerful. Sprinkling some Gelato or Mimosa crumble on top of my favorite sativa flowers before rolling up is a treat. I recommend rolling up Cherry Haze flowers with Mimosa Crumble. Select Co-Op also offers Live Resin strains, Shatter strains, as well as distillate and diamond strains as well. Select also has grams of kief!


Elect C-op also has cartridges for your 4:20 needs. It took me a while to try a cart. The news and information being disseminated about vaping had me quite leery. Select Co-Op has quality products that they recommend because they use them themselves. Select Co-Op offers the top brands in cannabis carts. Alien labsHoneyStick Premium Extracts are available in myriad flavors. The Colorado Clementine Honeystick is one of all-time favorites. They also offer Eleaf iStick batteries for your cartridge use. 

So how much weed can you get free from Select Co-op when the dispensaries are gifting/gifting weed in washington dc? You should call today and find out as this offer will not last forever. The more you order, the more you will save, and the more weed you can get free. Not too many companies out here are offering deals like this. In the words of Chris Tucker… “Take advantage man… Take advantage”!