White Tahoe Runtz Strain Review

I like breaking out the DJ Clue metal echo voice for y’all… Thankfully Select keeps coming with the new shit so I can break it out… Sounding like DJ Kool “let me clear my throat”, to announce “new strain, new strain”! Let’s check out White Tahoe Runtz.

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White Tahoe Runtz is the product of crossing White tahoe Cookies and The Runtz. White Tahoe Cookies is the product of crossing The White, Tahoe OG, and an unknown Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) phenotype. The Runtz is the creation of crossing Zkittlez and Gelato. So what do you get with White Tahoe Runtz?

Girl Scout Cookies

The result is you get the heavy relaxing body buzz and sweet spicy herbal taste of White Tahoe Cookies complemented by the tropical, creamy, sugary, berry decadence of Runtz. Both of these strains originally can get up to 29% THC levels. The exact THC levels and indica/sativa ratios of White Tahoe Runtz is unknown. I do know this is for evening night-time relief. A couple hits and my mind elevated into bliss while my body submitted to the couchlock!

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