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White Tahoe Cookies Strain Review

Let’s just get right into it. I’m a little salty that the name is just a name here. They ain’t give me shit to have fun with and I am a little in my feeling about it! We got White Tahoe Cookies people. I also ain’t a big fan of indicas so I’m extra suspect leading in!

White Tahoe Cookies Art

White Tahoe Cookies is the product of crossing The White, Tahoe OG, and some unknown strain of Girl Scout Cookies. At least it got Cookies going for it. But, my saltiness aside, looking at this beauty will melt the sweeten up any sour grapes. This shit is bling blinging with white trichomes just sparkling and radiating along a slight purplish bud structure. Shit looks killer!

White Tahoe Cookies is an indica leaning hybrid, but not overpowering. It is said to be 70/30. To be considered an indica I was surprised and impressed that it did not initiate couch-lock and sleepytime. The smoke tastes like a fruity sugary sweet piney mud pie. You taste earth, but it’s like sweet clay with berry syrup or something. This strain hits with euphoric damn near giddy energy that leads to social engagement. The effect soon turns to a sedative relaxing body buzz. Novices beware as it may put lightweights to sleep.

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