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White Rhino Strain Review

I do not know where the Rhino came from in the name of White Rhino strain. As an offspring of White Widow and an unknown sativa land race of North America I understand where the element of “White” comes from in the name. As far as the “Rhino” I can say this strain hits hard, as powerful, and will run you over and put you on your ass. Lets’s check out this powerful indica.

White Rhino carries a THC level between 15 and 20%. As an indica the is the source of it powerful effects. This hit me with immediate relaxation. I did not notice too much sativa cerebral effects; instantly a rush of relaxing elation overtook the mind. I intentionally got this from my guys at Select Co-op for pain relief. It has been a week of High Intensity Interval training and I need relief from sore muscles and overworked knees. White Rhino hit me with an enjoyable couch lock that melted away the pain and allowed the body to enjoy the couch lock experience.

White Rhino emits fumes of peppery spice, slight citrus scents, and earthy woody aromas. It has a spicy taste with a dank and harsh effect on the back end of the exhale. The nuggets of the strain are fluffy balls of light green and amber hairs. Their are silver and almost white hues of leaves intertwined in the structure. Enjoy this is a evening toke that will definitely put you down for the evening.

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