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White Lemon SAP Strain Review

Not Warren Sapp, not the MMA Giant on steroids Bob Sapp, but we got White Lemon Sap. Never heard of it before. I looked it up and low and behold we have a new strain. Giddy, is the word that comes to mind when the treat of a new strain comes around. Let’s see what it do…

White Lemon SAP Art

First thing that hits you is the sour-head lemon taste that almost makes you pucker. It is a surprising flavorful treat. On the exhale subtle fruity, floral, and earthy flavors are detectable. The sourness is like a mixture of skunk dank and diesel like terpenes. White lemon sap hits with initial cerebral fun energy. This balance hybrid gives way to some nice body relaxing effects that do not overpower or dominate the experience.

White Lemon Sap is a product of crossing Super Lemon Haze and El Nino. Let’s look at the lineage to get an understanding of its potency. Super Lemon Haze can get up to 25% in THC content and is a product of Skunk #1 and Haze. El Nino is an indica dominant hybrid that can get up to 15% THC as a cross of White Widow and a Skunk variety. So skunk is heavy in the lineage with Haze and White Widow. The Haze and Skunk definitely explain the cerebral effects with the White Widow explaining the nice body relaxing effects. Enjoy as a late afternoon or early evening treat.

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