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White Gummy Strain Review

Ehhhh! Come with more on the name. It just leaves me ambivalent towards if I want it and what it does. I am not intrigued nor am I turned off by the moniker. It leaves me almost annoyed while curious at the same time… What is White Gummy?

The answer… In my DJ Clue monotone echo voice; a “new strain, new strain”! White Gummy is the product of crossing Jilly bean and Bubblegum. If you have any experience with those strains then you should have an idea of what this should taste like. White Gummy is a blast of tropical fruits, berries, creamy vanilla, sour citrus and spicy earth tones. It is a decadent treat.

As many super fruity dessert like indicas go, this is a munchie inducing experience for sure. White Gummy is said to be a 60% indica that can get up to 23% THC levels. While the head high is not too heavy over time you will begin to fade away. Enjoy this strain in the evening.  

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