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White Banana Strain Review

I want to call this Baked Plantain, cuz what else is that but a white banana. The White through me off because I associate that with Indica. However, White Bananas is sativa dominant as a child of White Lotus and Banana Split.

White Lotus gives a balance of sativa and indica effects giving the sativa dominance of White Bananas a modest THC range up to A low twenty percent. The fruity flavors of Banana Split burst and ooze when breaking down the dense nugget like buds. Hints of tropical fruits and sweet vanilla milkshake tease the senses even before the fun begins.

The effects of Banana Split are all day fun! Early morning to get the day going. Yep, sure. Quick toke before a workout for extra energy and a little focus, mm-hmm. Banana Split is a quick focusing high that hits the body with tingles that suggest enjoying the moment and doing something…now! The taste hits with a cram like smoothness of platanos that enhance the mind and body with a calm energy of excitement. Have water nearby and plan to be active or you may bake a cake and eat it to if left to aimless house activities. 

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