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Where Can You Smoke In DC? We Have All The Best Spots For You!

So you just grabbed your 420 supplies from Select Co-op delivery service. Before you head back to Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia or whatever your point of origin you want to toke up in the city just for the novelty of it, but where can you do so?

Can you smoke weed walking down the street in Washington DC? The technical answer is no. However, with vape pens and one-hitters it is quite easy to do so discreetly. You may see someone walking down the street with a joint or blunt smoking. Well it is recreational legal and police are not harassing people for cannabis.

There is something called common sense though. If there is a day-care group of toddlers walking down the street and you are Puff the Magic Dragon walking along them an officer may deal with your blatant disregard. Nor would I be at an outside table eating at a restaurant and start lighting up curbside. Use situational awareness if you are going to publicly consume.  

Cannabis is not legal on any federally owned lands. Your fantasy of smoking on the White House Lawns or the steps of the Capitol building need to stay in your mind. It is illegal to smoke on federally owned land. This also extends to areas you may not consider.
The Arboretum is federally owned land. All of the outside monuments on the mall are on federally owned land. The Smithsonian museums are on federally owned land. A desire to engage in 420 activities in or on any of these areas is definitely NOT the move!

Lastly, be aware that it is not legal to consume cannabis while operating a vehicle. Again it is not wide to have cannabis on you and have smoke pouring out of your car windows riding through the city. Some do not realize this extends to water vehicles as well. many rent kayaks, paddle boats, or launch the personal crafts into DC waterways; while I would never condone doing so, be mindful it is illegal to consume while operating and chilling on your water vehicle as well. 420 safely my friends!

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